Grafting Decisions

Anyone have an opinion on:taste, diseases of Benham, Horse, Buckingham, Nickajack, or Junaluska apples?

Southern heirlooms I’m unsure about top-working into my trees before hearing from someone who has actually tasted them and dealt with disease issues.

Many thanks.


hambone, sorry you haven’t had any follow ups yet, and I wish I could help, but I haven’t tried any of those. Have you contacted the folks at either Big Horse Creek or Old Va. apples? You could also try Tom Brown at I communicated with him through email, and he was quick to respond.

Thanks Rob. Those guys are so, so busy I hate to take their time but I do ask a question now and then. No harm in asking I guess.

Maybe one day enough people will grow heirlooms that this knowledge will not be so rare. I figure years ago when this was common knowledge no one ever imagined.there would come a day when it would even need to be written down.

hambone, check out this nursery, its another source for southern heirloom apples. The nursery is fairly new and I bet Kellie the owner would be happy to talk to you about those varieties.

Thanks Chris- yes she has sent me some good emails. I wish them well.