Grafting figs - the quickest way to taste a new variety

My Negronne has given me a few mature figs 7 months after being grafted using the Whip and Tongue method (it was grafted in March).

They were quite sweet and they lived up to my expectations.

It’s good to be able to taste figs from a new variety less than a year after receiving a cutting.

I hope i may be able to try my Sbayi. It was also grafted in March like the Negronne and has an almost mature fig and many others that are a little behind.

A few photos of the graft and the figs:

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Looks good. I did some cleft grafts and chip buds recently hoping to taste new varieties on a mature tree next yr. I’m confident the results will be good.

In my experience chip buds, patches and other similar techniques take a lot longer to produce fruit. I have the same variety grafted at the same time (from March to May) with both techniques in the same tree. More than a year later only the whip and tongue produced fruits yet.

Here’s my Sbayi - also grafted in March in the same mature tree: