Grafting is weird

Second year in a row that my takes are not the ones I expect. The prettiest cuts never push a bud. The ones with lousy cuts I think won’t make it push like crazy.

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Apricot on peach, poor contact on a cleft graft.


I have lots of takes and no definite failures…yet. (But I’m sure there will be a few).

do you have any pictures of the graft cuts? pretty vs lousy cuts?

The prettier ones for me have higher takes.

Only thing i can think of is a slight cambium misalignment. and thus the cambium on the pretty’s is paralel. And the lousy ones cross somewhere.

I tend to put in all grafts at a slight angle from what i imagine to be “perfect” just to make sure there is “crossing” cambium somewhere and it doesen’t go perfectly paralel


Never thought about doing a slight angle, it does make sense. How has this worked for you?

depends on how you measure sucses.

Healed grafts (mostly chip buds) high 90’s % on easier things like apples.
However i tend to graft to much on young rootstocks (2-5 grafts) so lots of them heal, but the stock doesen;t have the power to let all the buds grow into a shoot.

plums also have 90+% sucses. peaches apricots and cherry’s i haven’t grafted enough to give reliable %. Learned it from ken from All About Grafting - YouTube
i think the specific video was on his car youtube channle (lots of his grafting content still is)

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