Grafting non-cherry to newroot-1 rootstock

I’m giving up on sweet cherries and will cut down my cherry tree on Newroot-1 root stock. Has anyone had good luck grafting plum or anything else onto Newroot-1?

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Newroot-1[ Prunus salicina×Prunus avium ] .

I think you will be sailing in uncharted waters.

Adara plum should be compatible. It is prunus cerasifera and plays nice with most stone fruit. If you want some Adara scion interstems to bridge the cherry over to some other stone fruit I’d be happy to help out this fall. I’ll be eating plums this season from the Dapple Dandy scions that you mailed me many years ago. We will need to check the Adara compatibility chart to make sure you are not growing one of the few incompatible cherries.


I’ll do some experimenting and see what happens. I don’t want the cherries anymore so I have nothing to lose. I looked today and the cherry to Newroot-1 graft is very low so first I’ll just try grafting onto the cherry. If that doesn’t work I’ll cut to the rootstock and hope it sprouts so I can graft to that.
I cut a Citation rootstock low a few yrs ago and grafted to it. It died but the following year I noticed a few suckers it sent up 6 ft from the dead trunk. I now have plum grafted to those.