Grafting one year scionwood to two-year stock

General question - if you’re doing a whip and tongue or saddle graft (any ‘same diameter’ graft, really), and, due to varying growth rates you are putting a one-year scion on a two-year-old section of rootstock of the same thickness, does the cambium line up the same?

I guess I’m asking if the bark is thicker and would require a bit of adjustment to properly line up the cambium even if they are the same diameter.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it.

Not overthinking it at all- you’re thinking it through.

Yes! the cambium layers must always line up with each other (usually actually slightly crossed to guarantee at least enough contact) or the graft will not take. The barks are often of different thicknesses. The cambium layer is actually very, very thin and is right next to the wood.