Grafting onto Lapins Cherry

Hello all…brand-spanking new to this forum.

I’ve just planted a Lapins Cherry (bare root).

First question:
Can I graft any sweet cherry (considering growing zone and bloom time) directly to the Lapins wood? There are several zone 9 sweet cherries I’d like to try to add to this tree.

Can I harvest a bud from a branch without sacrificing the branch? Will is heal with no issue?

I currently have the following trees-
Chickasaw Plum
Cot-n-Candy Aprium
Katy Apricot

Can I freely graft between these trees?

Is there a tree mentioned above that I can graft the Lapins Cherry to? I have read here about an interactive called Adara that might be needed for this task?

Thanks for any help…

Happy to have found this forum. I live in South Louisiana, Zone 9a.

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I meant interstock…damn autocorrect

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