Grafting Persimmons


Hi again guys, do you have any idea if where one can buy some Meader persimmon fruit? I want to take some seeds of this variety and sow them at my place. I have a couple of friends in the US and they can buy for me the fruits and send them over to Romania. I have time and patience to grow it from seeds, as long as I know it is a outstanding variety.


@ crazyhorsestrong textPersimmons do not come true to variety by seed.
If you want a meader,you will have to graft this.


Zack, I’m curious if your grafts from last year survived last winter (assuming they took and survived the preceding growing season)?


Yes! They did survive and even tried to fruit this year. Lots of new growth. Hoping for fruit next year. They look really good!


Hillbillyhort I know that normally growing a specific plant from seeds doesn’t come true to variety on one hand. On the other hand the differences should not be so big (statistically speaking) and I hope it will keep some hardiness (being a virginiana) some taste and fruit size. Who knows, it might occur to get even a better variety!?!?

Plus it is very cumbersome, if not virtually impossible to ship a small sapling over the ocean to Romania.

So, any of you know a market where such Meader fruits cand be bought?

Thank you in advance.


Are there any cold hardy persimmons that will survive in zone 4b?


You could very well get a male tree that won’t produce any fruit at all. Persimmons are dioecious.


You’re right, but if I plant a couple of seeds I increase the odds. If I would have available to buy one here I would do it. What I try to do now is to find a feasible solution.


Can you buy grafted trees from France?

Meader trees

Pépinière du Bosc is a very reputable nursery.

Or, maybe it’s possible to buy a grafted tree from @Arhus76



The Pépinière du Bosc sells meader.
It’s nice to think of me, but unfortunately I do not sell trees. I do not have a young meader either to ship.

If I refer to a talk with Cliff last year, you will have a 85% chance of having males so it will take at least 7 trees to expect a female. And if you only have 7 you reduce your chances.
After it will take 5-8 eight years to know the fruit or not.
In Romania there are people who have persimmon. Be it virginiana or hybrids.
A purchase in Ukraine may be possible?


I had bought persimmon graftwood from this spring. They send me cuttings here (in Bulgaria) in one week. They have many varieties of kaki, american persimmons and hibrids. The only disadvantage is they accept only bank transfer. I use Western Union to pay.


Thank you Arhus76&BArkslip for the tip, I might consider buying from France. And you’re right I don’t have time and space enough to test with so many seedlings untill get so me fruits.


Hi Pileta, your answer interests me in highest degree. By graftwood you mean scion that you grafted on your rootstock? If it is from Czech Rep I would rather buy an already grafted tree, for safer results. When did you bought it and what results you had?

Kind regards,

Crazy Horse


Pileta, I have another question for you. How did you managed to find out info on the above site? I didn’t find english version of it. Is there any chance I missed the button, otherwise I have to call my Czech friend and ask for help.



@crazyhorse Yesterday I asked a friend in Romania. Meader is not available and he is looking for it too. Deliveries from Ukraine are complicated too. Only scionwoods solution or France or other country like RP.


Is there really any good reason to want Meader? I have it, but I think it’s only about as good as the average wild tree. I’ve seen two selling points on Meader that I’m not sure are worth anything at all. First, it’s cold hardy, but I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s any more cold hardy than any other northern cultivar (and almost all selected cultivars are northern cultivars.) Second, Meader apparently sets seedless fruit in the absence of pollination (although it’s fully seeded here), but from what I hear that’s generally true of persimmons, including good cultivars like Yates and Prok. I can’t see any selling points for Meader that really hold water. Has anyone grown Meader that would recommend it?


Meader produced very small fruits. I would go for something bigger like 100-46, Prok, H-118, Yates.


I totally agree with what’s written above. There is a long way from Meader to the top varieties being grown today. Jerry’s Barbara’s Blush (WS 8-10) will easily send Meader to oblivion.


I’ve been wondering the same thing too all this time.

‘Meader’ isn’t even on my radar.



I mean scions, yes. The site is in czech language, so I use Google translate. (Tomel = Persimmon)
I have sent them an email and ask if I can buy some scions. ( I prefer scions over whole trees, because I want more varieties and shipping will be expensive for several trees.) I have ordered Saijo, Nikitskaja bordovaja, NB-21, Szukis, Prok and Juhl.
I wrote letter, translate it in czech with Google translate and made reverse translation to bulgarian and english to verify I didn’t wrote something idiotic.
I made order this february and bark graft several branches of an american persimmon seedling tree in late spring. Most of them takes.