Grafting Persimmons


Pileta, you rule! For me it would be easier because I have a friend, a French guy, that lives in Prague and speaks Czech language. I totally agree with you that grafting is the best solution to have more varieties in a limited space, that is also my approach for my orchard, and not only for persimmon. What do you mean by late spring, aproximately what temperature it was that time if you remember? Barkslip just gave me, at the beginning of the thread, some very valuable advises for grafting time, but I would appreciate to have your feed-back too. Where exactly do you live in Bulgaria? My area is on high hills so it is typical temperate climate. I ask this in order to see what varieties would be more suitable for me, based on your experience. You have mentioned bark graft and I have some questions. This spring I first time ever cleft grafted and it worked well, than in early summer I bark grafted and again it worked. My understanding is that for cleft grafting one needs hard wood scions, while for bark grafting is better to have semi-hard wood scions. Did you mentioned this on your letter to the nursery, or is it possible to bark wood also with hard wood scion? Wouldn’t be a whip&tongue grafting better? If you take a look on the picture I posted above I have 3 branches that are 1 cm maximum width to be grafted, which method you think is best?
Thank you in advance


Your questions will also be answered by Pileata but bark grafting is using hardwood not semi-hardwood. The only time semi-hardwood is used is for budding techniques. Hardwood also may be used for budding techniques. You must understand that hardwood is excellent for budding techniques during SPRING. Semi-hardwood is for budding techniques during summer towards early Fall. Temperatures for grafting are important and 21 C during the daytime for two weeks is optimal. Warmer than 21 C is VERY OPTIMAL.

For 1 cm shoots it will all depend upon the size of the scionwood. If you are able to purchase 1 cm grafting wood then it’s a perfect match for cleft, whip and tongue, whip grafting, grafting tool that makes V shape cut. You will not be bark grafting anything onto 1 cm shoots.

I hope this helps.



For bark graft I always use hardwood as Barkslip say. My stock is about 2 cm at grafting point. So I use bark graft (my favorite technik). In your situation whip and tongue or cleft graft may be used. A have no experience with them. It’s only my second year of grafting persimmons.
I live in Vratsa region, about 250m altitude.
I don’t remember temperature, but grafts are made later compared with other fruit trees.


Hi Barkslip, this was my intention of the previous message - to gather as much advise and wisdom as I can get. Your message help me a lot, thank you for the kindness and support.


Thank you Pileta. My place is near Campina, it has 350 m altitude, right now there are 8 Celsius while in Vratsa there are 9 Celsius, pretty close conditions. Where from did you get rootstock? I just noticed in the Botanical Garden some fruits that happened to be a wild kaki so I took some. I will put them to germinate - any suggestion for the highest success? See photo


Is anybody in my area grafting persimmons yet? Is this enough growth on the receiving tree to start grafting? I’m wondering if I should go ahead and graft at next nice weather stretch.


Yes , it’s time !


I grafted my Asian persimmon on Sunday with less growth that what you have. I agree, it is time.

Are you grafting any jujubees this year Susu? That is the one tree I haven’t done yet because it is the last to wake up. I just started to notice some life in it last night.


Below is a pic of my jujube taken this past Saturday. I placed 2 grafts on it over a week ago (maybe even 2 weeks) when buds were just breaking.i wanted to get it done before my spring break travels. I didn’t want to do that with persimmon since I’ve read that persimmon is not as forgiving.
No signs of life from the grafts yet.


That’s the stage of growth of jujubes when I grafted last year. It worked out very well.

I hope your grafts will work out. You grafted two weeks earlier than mine (from last year) judging from the growth of the tree in the pic.


I hope so too. Getting worried by the day :grinning:… I’m at 0% take rate for apples and 40% for pears so far. So there’s hope.


Don’t get too nervous. After a month of no growth, that’s when you should be nervous :smile:


For persimmons I make sure the bark is slipping really well. If it doesn’t just pop up with ease then odds are low … or so goes my hard-luck experience. I grafted both persimmon and jujube last weekend. For jujubes I just look for a bit of green, I have not had problems grafting them just after those little green tufts show up.

On persimmons aftercare is critical. I now preemptively cut off all the dormant buds I see, cutting deeply around them so that whole area will not put out any more buds. Even before you see those buds moving the stock is working on putting resources into them, I want to nip that in the bud.


Temps next 4 days for me will be 69,67,68, 63. Would you say today is a good day to graft persimmon?


Go for it🌵


Hey Guys, That means for me is too early to graft, please see the buds in my picture. They are just popping!


Yup! Too early from the picture. It might be good now though (5 days later).

I’m just starting to see movement on my persimmongrafts. I did a really good job of eliminating all the buds, little rubbing off has been needed. I should post some pictures of all the cutting out I did, there are all these circles on the stock where I removed the bud and all bark around it. I lost an apricot graft because the trunk just can’t stop putting out zillions of little buds and its out-competing the graft. My Rovada took three years to topwork because its trunk also did this. Apricot on peach root is a lot easier due to little of this kind of thing happening.


I went for it that day! Here’s the result. I grafted over entire tree, All 5 branches. I have 4 of them budding out so far. Last one I was iffy about at the time of grafting because wood was turning brown. So I doubt it’ll take. But I’m still happy with the results:


It’s looking good! Good job!!!


Wonderful success! Did you graft all the same variety or is multigrafted?