Grafting/planting question

I’ve never done any grafting (actually I’ve tried unsuccessfully a time or two, but had zero idea what I was doing), but I’ve got 5 prunus americana seedlings in pots and just planted 3 G41 apple rootstocks in pots for next winter/spring’s grafting. I think I’ll wedge graft the scions onto the rootstocks a few inches above ground level, but after I’ve done that, do I leave them in the pots for a year to insure that they’ve taken and give them an opportunity for growth in a “protected environment” or is it acceptable to graft and immediately re-plant them into the orchard?

I don’t know what experts would say about it, but for me - first time grafter as well - there is no question, I will babysit my tree at least for summer. I don’t want some squirrel knock the graft out. I grafted on bare root just arrived root stock and kept it inside in the bag of pro-mix until graft took, then I planted it in a big pot and placed outside covered form squirrels that just dying to dig in my pots.

Doesn’t hurt to keep them in a environment you can control the first year. However if you plan on growing them for two summers in a pot I would recommend you bump the size of the pot up the second year.

If you have access to the scion wood you are looking to graft look into T-budding your rootstock in late July to mid August. I’ve had good success doing this and you just cut the rootstock off above the bud in late winter while everything is dormant but just before everything wakes up in the spring.

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Thanks for the advice, always willing to listen and learn since I’ve never done any grafting.