Grafting tart cherry trees

I am trying to save a tart cherry variety. The tree is damaged and slowly dying. I can still get scion from it. There are two suckers growing from the roots of the same tree that are about 2 in. in diameter that I tried to graft 2yrs in a row without any luck. I used bark graft and wedge graft, once in March and once April. I have grafted many pecan trees and some other fruit tress with much success. I don’t know what I am doing wrong with the cherry trees. All help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you save some fruit wood by emergency graft to another tart cherry?

So, the dying tree is grafted, not on its own root? Or not?

Doubt there was anything wrong with your grafts. Take scions over the winter and buy a couple rootstocks. Also, go ahead and re graft the suckers as well.

That is what I was planning to do. I don’t know why my grafts aren’t taking. Could my timing be off because the bark doesn’t slip like the other trees I graft.

Didn’t notice your zone. It’s pretty cold when you grafted. It’s warmer here and I graft end of march into april. Some near me graft april to may. Stone fruits like hotter temps to take well. Even so I would not expect all that failure. I would try starting in April and try one or so later.

Thanks. I will try that next year if I can still get scion.

By the way, nut trees and persimmon like hotter temps as well.

I start grafting pecan trees when the bark slips and have had great success. Should I wait for cherry bark to slip before grafting?


I guess I have been doing it too early. Thanks for the info.