Grafting Temperature Question

I don’t live where my trees are and can only get out there on weekends or less (!) and I haven’t done any grafting yet this year. Neither the weather nor my schedule has cooperated and I’m worried the pattern is continuing and I’m not sure if I should ride it out or take action now.

For the next seven days or so, the temps will range from the 50s (51-58), down to the mid 30s (and mid 40s). Are those low temperatures nonstarters for trying to graft tomorrow or should I put it off until lows get out of the 30s and low 40s?

I’m hoping to graft plums, peaches, and apples.


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Apples should be OK, if your fingers don’t get too cold. I don’t know about the others.

Be sure to protect the scions against drying. You can coat with wax, parafilm, white glue, caulk, among others. If the graft takes too long to knit there’s a chance it’ll dry and die, and callousing is faster at higher temps, to a point.


I have grafted apples with a wind chill in the 20’s………did it outside until my fingers got too cold to work the knife and the tape… and I cut off six inches of new growth today on a limb of a Frankentree……and added a variety…82 degrees.

So, at least with apples, do it when you can…just not in the rain or snow!


Apples and plums will be fine. I just grafted plums and apples two weeks ago.

Temp went down to 30,31, 32 F afterward. They are budding out now. They have just been slow to push buds but no freezing out or anything.

I personally want do peaches. It needs higher (like mid 60’s) and consistent temp, in my experience.


Thanks everyone!