Grafting tool question

For those of you who have used the Zenport and similar type grafting tools, can you use them if the stock and scion are not quite the same diameter, as long as the “smooth” side of the cut is lined up?

It should work, except that in practice, if there is a lot of difference in size, mechanical attachment of contact isnt very good. You might be able to remedy this with tying.

The zenport cuts a wedge out of the scionwood as well as the stock. Assuming the stock is much thicker than the scion, the wedge is also much deeper. So the scion is kind of just “hanging on”. This isnt usually a problem if the difference isnt huge.

I would suggest a cleft graft or bark graft if scion/stock are very different in size. These are quite easy to do without a tool.


I’m talking minor but noticeable differences. Say a 1/4” Scion and a 3/8” stock.

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Graft up higher until you have a perfect match or yes you can do 1/4 on 3/8th lower. Line up one side perfectly.