Grafting workshop custom setups


I was interested in seeing if anyone has a custom workspace in a garage or shop dedicated to grafting and propagating? I am interested in building a workbench/area for these purposes. Also, do any of you use table mounted grafting tools. At the vineyard I worked at in Germany they used a table mounted grafting tool to graft American stock to European cuttings. Any pictures would be appreciated.


See if this gets you started:

Kevin is on this forum as @applenut. He’s made a few grafts.


How much is it for this graft cutter?


I think it’s a DYI thing. I don’t know if Kevin has a video for the construction but I think he might. You could probably find it by checking out the youtube channel.


My buddy built this from a sewing machine:



I have seen the Guillotine Scionon bench mount grafting blade. I like the design, but the price is almost 700 bucks. Do anyone of you know of a grafting bench mount style tool that’s more affordable, or a DIY plan?