Grafts are budding, now what?

My grafts seem to have worked out. The buds on my scions are sprouting. How do I best get them through this first year with out losing any/many? I will be transferring them into individual containers this week. I know I also should remove sucker sprouts from the rootstock. Let me know what you all do year 1. Thanks

Congratulations! A lot can happen yet, but looks like you are heading in the right direction. Make sure you acclimate them to direct sun over the course of a few days once you move them outside. Hot direct sun can toast new growth that hasnt developed outside from the start. Protect them from vermin lots of things will chew on new growth.

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What do you all use for tree wraps/protection for first few years. I’m planning on using welded cage to protect from deer.

Welded wire for deer. Chicken wire for the varmints. Don’t use tree wraps that touch the bark.

If flower buds form and elongate, snip them off with scissors, conserving energy for vegetative growth in the first year. Good luck.

Chicken wire or hardware cloth?

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I have some trees inside a fence and some outside. All my trees get buried with a 2’ tall, ~1’ diam. tube of 1/2" hardware cloth; one foot above ground one foot below. That’s for the voles and, I hope, for the gophers.
The inside trees haven’t suffered any bunny or beaver damage, so I’m thinking the perimeter fence is good for that. It is a metal mesh with tighter mesh at the bottom than at the top…6’ with a top “wire” at nearly 7.5 feet.
Outside the fence, trees also get a wrap, often double, of poultry fence that is 4’ tall, in a tube with about 2.5’ diam. I pound a couple big stakes in the ground to stabilize the tube. So far no damage. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in a couple years when the trees get upper branches that stick out above and beyond the chicken wire. The cattle panels, one for each tree (outside the fence) cost nearly as much as the trees. We’ll see. All my trees are 2nd or 3rd leaf for me.