Grafts healing up

I am very happy with my cleft graft Fuji onto a seedling rootstock. It looks better than the bark graft that is actually in a better position to keep. It has almost covered the rootstock.

The tree has grown out since it got munched by a deer.


That looks like it will grow into a great tree! Bet you can hardly wait to taste the apples. Fuji is one of my favorites :0)

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It’s not too early to prune that tree to a single leader and start pulling your branches down to horizontal or below.

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I thought I would start trying to prune and shape it thus winter. It is on a seedling rootstock so I was thinking an open vase shape might be useful to help control the height. Maybe with three leaders growing it might sap some of the vegatative vigor? What do you think ?

Pruning it now will help control the vigor. It can still get quite large as an open-vase shape, the best way to control the growth is to get it to fruit heavily at an early age, which helps to runt it out. This means horizontal branching, which limits vegetative growth and encourages fruiting. You should be doing all of your pruning in the summer, save for some maintenance cuts like cutting off dead stumps or crossing limbs.

On the other hand, each homestead should have at least one large, glorious, spreading apple tree for your grandkids to climb on and hang a swing from.


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nice looking graft…I tried my hand at this with earlier in the summer with no luck…I’d like to give it another try next spring…how long has that graft been healing?

I cut the scion in February and stored it in the fridge. I grafted it onto the rootstock around the last week of April this spring. We had a cool spring here and I thought I might be a bit early but two took on this tree.

i did some pruning and tying down on my Fuji on seedling rootstock. It had two grafts take on it so I chose one and removed the other. I tied it into what I think will be an open vase. To the right are some suckers that I plan to remove this fall. I put a tarp in the back ground so the branches are more visible. Any constructive criticism ?

Here is the bark graft that I pruned off. I it is a stronger union than I thought it would be. You can see the size that the scion was when I grafted it , the end of it still has a dab of calk on it.

The more I use cleft grafts the more I like them. I’m surprised how fast they heal over and how well the grafts do in terms of growth.

Yes I agree, I grafted on two different places that were similar in size and the cleft healed almost compleatly over in one season.

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How did your Fuji turn out? Bet it’s really grown by now!

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It grew some but the seedling sent up several suckers that I grafted onto and I think they stole some of the vigor from the main tree. The hudsons golden gem is seven feet tall and the graft is only six inches above the ground.