Grafts wilting

The picture shows a jonagold stump I grafted to. The thriving graft is a Fuji. The one just left of it that is wilting is also Fuji. Others show signs of wilting or leaves browning. Is this just normal graft failure due to imperfect practice or could there be some environmental factor. We have had plenty of rain.

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The strongest graft might be sucking up all the energy. I would just leave it be. Better to have one good success now, and try for more later if you wish.

I’d say the poor grafts just failed to take. One won’t suck the water away from another if both grafts took equally well.


I agree. That sized understock can easily support all of the grafts if they all “take”.

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How hot have you been getting up to. With all the black they might be getting cooked. I wouldn’t think to hot if your in PA. You could shield them with tin foil to keep them cool if need. When you top a tree like that your trunk is more acceptable to sun burn also. It’s used to having a canopy above it. You might want to white wash it or wrap it.

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