Grape Breeding - First vines

I’m not seriously breeding grapes but I planted some seed last fall in my nursery plot and now have some tiny “vines” growing. I want to grow them out to fruit and am wondering how folks grow out their test plants before deciding to keep or not. How close can the plants be and still get the earliest fruiting (or if it matters)? Or any other tips for getting the little plants to fruit in a timely manner.


Have never tried what you are doing but I did something similar with some grape scions that I got from Bunch Grapes. After receiving the scions, I stuck them in plastic pots. After they took root, I planted them in a nursery row 15 inches apart. As time allowed, I planted them in their permanent positions the following late winter.

In your case, I think I would plant them 4 feet apart (if I had the room), being unsure whether I was going to keep them or not. Of course, the recommended space for most vines is 8 feet but you are just testing. Really it does not matter, I would think.


I don’t know, but there’s a very active grape breeding Google group that must know: Google Groups