Grape graft experts need your help

I planted a muscadine grape three years ago. It had fruits the 2nd year. Not anyone in my home like it. I want to graft Kyoho grape on it.
Is Kyoho grape compatible with muscadine?

The very first paragraph under Introduction
states that muscadine (Vitus rotundifolia) and (Vitus vinefera) are graft-incompatible. ‘Kyoho’ is a Vitus vinefera.


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Thank you for your help. So I have to keep and plant a Kyoho grape.

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I know this topic is old but has anyone here tried grafting muscadines on grapes? Vitis rotundifolia on vitis vinifera? I should receive some muscadine cuttings from a friend but don’t have any muscadines rootstocks and heard they are very hard (or even impossible) to root. I have plenty of grape rootstocks though. Should I just abandon the muscadine grafting/rooting idea? I would love to try them, never had one…

Muscadines I have purchased have had several growing tips or branches. If you bought one with multiple branches, you should be able to graft, then layer them off later. Only way to do this dormant- the <10% viability is true.

Green on green grafting of bunch grape on muscadine has been successfully done, but take rates are low. Not sure if muscadine on bunch grape has been done. It does not work with dormant cuttings, so that doesn’t help you. I have grafted dormant muscadine on green muscadine shoots, with maybe 50% success.

Your best shot is rooting with bottom heat, while keeping the buds cold and dormant. They will root, but it takes a long time, and cuttings will die long before roots form if buds start growing.

Yes, I did green bunch grape to green muscadine. Several took and grew to more than 10ft, but died in winter. Grafted part is not very hardy. So I just dig that muscadine and threw away.
Muscadine green to muscadine, none took.