Grape id help...concord?

I thought this was a concord vine
but not sure…
the grapes on questionable vine:

  1. are bigger…see pic… unknown are on bottom in both pics
  2. different color…a bit darker, not as much bloom (white film)
  3. ripens a bit later than concords…maybe 2 weeks, more staying power on Vine
  4. a more solid pulp…the concord Pulp would not hold its shape when cut but was more squished, however the mystery grape as you can see by picture held its form and shape.

any ideas on grape type?
zone 6b

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The light blue one isn’t Concord…the darker one could be. That’s all I can get from the picture.

My concords can just look like ones on top.

Perhaps so, but in around 60 seasons, I’ve never seen 'em look like that here in Kentucky.

Maybe different climate or soil? They’ve only looked like that for 40 years here, so you got me on that one! :slight_smile:

The concords I’m used to definitely look like the ones above and are very slipskin.

I got no idea on your other grape can you give us taste descriptions?

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The top ones are concords, I got from my vine and just to be sure, also from a concord vineyard near erie…
taste description…similar to concord but not all the pucker or tangy taste in mouth after eating too many concords.
Also have slip skin, but not as much as concord


If it doesn’t have the taste (sour/bitter skins) of Concord, then there’s your proof.

There seems to be enough differences in the grape for me also to conclude it’s probably not a Concord but I’m wondering what type of grape is it?
Does it compare, or is it a conventional grape available to the average joe?

The grapes on top look like the concords grown on the thousands of acres of vines around lake erie. Welch’s gets most of their concords from this region for their concord grape juice products. Perhaps the differance in soil and or climate cause your concords to look differently than they do up here in the great lakes region.

Lots of Concords and Niagaras grown in this region.


i would agree that environmental can contribute to difference, but the grapes on top are in close proximity in my yard to the questionable Vine
BTW always a nice Autumn drive from Pgh to northeast pa (Erie area)

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Could be I suppose. In around 60 years I’ve never seen Concords with a light bluish cast like that top picture. There’s one or two French hybrid wine grape crosses with small fruits that color. But, if you say that’s the color of 'em in New York…I’ll have to take your word for it. They are closer to black here.

Could it be mars or Jupiter?

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That light blue color is a bloom on the outside of the skins. If they were wiped clean they would be deep purple, almost black.

In that case, I guess rains always wash away the bloom in KY.

I do not recognize those grapes, but here we have people that have grapes taste just like concord
Flowers later , but sets fruit earlier

Maybe a lubrusca
taste the same
Also before neighbors killed them some were bigger then concord, but still tasted like concord

That plume on them it is just yeast so them being grey it is just more yeast
This is what I think, but I do not know why one grape has more then the other
I saw this myself so I could be wrong , but I have always known it to be yeast.

Like I said could be wrong, maybe some types of grape skin attract it more .

I like to chew on the leaves it is like gum clean your teeth lubrusca gets like leather
with the white under the leaf. — but then again I like to chew on beef jerky skin like Gum

maybe you should email someone (I can help with cliff ambers email (one trying to identifying Norton)
if you want he is nice , and sent me seeds He breed (does not have any available though now)

Mars snd jupiter don’t have seeds, from what I read, but these have seeds
Francis_Eric I agree, they are in labrusco family, that’s for sure.
you mention
“Also before neighbors killed them some were bigger then concord, but still tasted like concord”
Maybe thats what i have…

I wonder if grape in question at start of this thread could be fredonia?
Can anyone who grows fredonia give some insight?

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I’ve not grown Fredonia, but it’s a maybe.
I just didn’t think it looked like any Concords I’ve grown.

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No pictures of leaves ? (or were they deleted ?)

A few species listed here
Notice Fredonia has rounded leaves .
(note not certain but grapes can have multiple leave types on same vine.)

Of coarse it could of been a seedling from Mother vine
you may need leaf structure bud pictures vine bark ,
and pictures of flowers but do not forget whole bunch of fruit .

(some grapes have more spacing in between grapes for disease resistance )

I wonder if it is a Old Swenson grape (Elmer Swenson Of WI.)

(also someone mentioned some grapes being seedless
(venus / Juniper I believe they said )
this is true , but certain area’s (that are hotter )
some seedless grapes become seeded .