Grape seedling

I found a grape seedling today in some proximity of my Concord Grape. I understand that it could be from bird droppings and be actually a wild grape. But if it is indeed is a seed from my Concord Grape - will it be true to type or it will be unknown wild grape?

It will probably be like Concord, grapes are self-fertile.

That said, my guess is it is 100% wild grape. I get hundreds of those each year in my yard. You can tell by the leaves, the wild ones don’t look like cultivated grapes.

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There’s also a chance it may be sprouting from a dropped trimming. This happens where I’m at quite a bit.

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Does it look wild?

That doesn’t look like the wild ones in my yard, mine have some purple in the stems. There are other differences as well which I know when I see and I don’t see in that plant.

Maybe someone else has a better idea, my guess would be that could be either wild or a Concord seedling.

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