Grape trellis question

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I made a video outlining the challenge here:
Mainly I’m wondering how (or if) to trim the main vine. It produced a couple of nice bunches last year. It’s full this year, and I’m having to move and and hassle it a bit. Would like a permanent plan for the trellis layout. Not sure if I should trim that peach tree either, as this is its first year bearing fruit, and it’s got tons.

You video reminds me of the time when I got back from work around 2am and was wondering if I spaced trees correctly. I got the tape measure and flashlight which attracted the attention of a sheriff’s deputy. He shined me up with the spot light. I just waved and walked back in the house rather then justifying who I am and what I was doing.

What untell the dormant season to prune. I would cut the main branch back to 4ft on either side. what is the trellis constructed of? It doesn’t look like it will last for more then a couple more seasons.

HI did winter prune it back to the 3 main branches I pointed out. I’m still confused about a couple key concepts.
It sounds like the bigger the vines get, the more fruit. So why no expand as far as I can? I understand thinning clusters, but why cut off vines and leaves at all unless there’s an airaition problem or such? They allow more quality fruit, no?
On this trellis, the back vine will get locked in with no where to expand. Should I run it left, right, or jump over crossing the big vine in front? Or should I keep it trimmed in a land locked position in the back?
For some reason I’m having a really hard time choosing what to do. But it’s my last chance, as the clusters will get damaged if I keep moving it around, and there’s a whole bunch of new tendrils trying to grab onto something now. Still loose enough this week that I can move any of the branches anywhere I want on the trellis.
We don’t own the property (unappreciative relative inherited it ) , and the owner isn’t even sure where the property line is with the neighbors garden. So we were reluctant to put in a permanent structure. Messy I know but that’s what we got to work with. If I hadn’t started taking care of it last year, It still would still be filled with garbage and overgrowth onto the streets with neighbors complaining.

I’m usualy up there when it’s dark as it’s the best time for me.

Your vine doesn’t look all that vigorous. There certainly isn’t a crowding issue at this point. It really doesn’t matter how you space the plants. Just spread them out. The back plant can go right, left, or over.

Space the canes out to get the most sun. If you don’t like it next yr you can do differently.

Alright, I’ll just leave it well enough alone for now.
What’s a vigorous vine supposed to look like?

My new canes grow about 6-20ft a yr if I can’t cut off the water. About 6ft is good. 20ft is way too vigorous.

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Well mine certainly fit that category then.

Should vines generally not be given fertilizer? Last year that one branch alone grew about 15’. This year so far is also vigorous, although much more fruit clusters.

I’d say only fertilize if you aren’t getting as much growth as you need or if the leaves show some deficiency.

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I thinned a bit and bagged last night. 35 bunches bagged off the one vine. I had 2 last year. Tried a variety of thinning ideas, but erred on the side too much fruit, as I’d prefer quantity over showcase quality. Maybe a third I shortened the bunches as well.
In the last week the peach tree and grape vine have stated to intertwine, and vines are already spilling over new trellis edge.

Hello all
I have a couple of questions regarding my grapes and Peachtree. I outline them in this video. Any information would be helpful, thank you: