Grape vine opinions

I decided I wanted to try to grow a grape vine over top my chicken run. Year 1 one of my two plants did very well, growing up and on to the roof. this will be my 2nd year now and I’m wondering if I made a mistake. I don’t have any string or pole to take them horizontal on their own. They just want to go on top of the chicken run. The material of the chicken run is 1/2x1/2 hardwire cloth so it has small openings. Do you think I should hand train it horizontal? Or should I rig up a pole somehow and attached it to the chicken run- though it still may try to go vertical because it can? Also, any tips on pruning before it starts budding? I didnt get a picture yet but I mainly have a leader going straight up but I do have 3 or 4 branches coming off the sides. Thanks!

Sounds like the biggest challenge might be picking the grapes. The vines will probably cling to the wire on their own. (But, don’t know that, as you didn’t indicate what variety or even species of grape.)

Would not be an issue for “Concord” grapes, or most muscadines.

They are Pink Reliance grapes.

Picking would be okay for me I think. I have a 3’ raised bed that surrounds the run and is actually housing the grapes, so I can step on top of that to pick

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