Grapes for dummies?

I have three grapes now. Concord on small arbor, Reliance that grows over dog pan like on gazebo and one years old Somerset against the chain link wall of the same pan. I think I figured out the Concord - it is small on that arbor, but for that size produces well. The one that grows top of dog pan is making me crazy. Every spring I leave 5-6 horizontal shoots from last year and try to keep it neat. But by July it is messy jungle there. And fruit is not good - the bunches are very loose, it loose a lot of potential berries in flowers, then some to rot, then birds and I don’t even want to put net bags on it, it doesn’t worse it. I finally decided to remove it next spring.
Now about a new Somerset . It grows along 8’ wall of the dog pan, so it can be done right. The problem is, I went through a lot of training systems and I can’t make much sense of them. They all draw the cordons horizontally and shoots going down! But none of my grapes grow down. They all grow their shoots up. This is how I ended up growing on the top of the pen - I let my cordons grow to 6 ’ tall hoping that shoots will go down. But they get up and were broken by wind every spring with no any support until I decided to lay them down as my pen roof on some horizontal support I installed.

Anyway, to make long story short, can somebody suggest how should I train my Somerset? I have 6 ’ tall 8’ long east facing chain link wall, it grows in the middle of it. I didn’t prune it at all yet, it was planted in June of last year and still pretty small. Main questions I have: where (height from the ground) should I place my cordons. Or should I have them at all, or just have a short trunk and use fan system? And if somebody have “Dummy” instructions for training one grape on 6X8 wall that would be just perfect for such a grape dummy like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Hi Galinas, I grow three varieties of grape. I have learned my lessons from Fruitnut and our local Vineyards! I grow Concord, Red Swenson and Hope. All three could not be more different. From the vineyards i learned to prune/remove all of the new growth after the grapes have been pollinated and the clusters are set. Then I leave only a third of my grapes on the vines as they over produce and i would rather have larger clusters of grapes, worthy of eating as dessert or in the case of Concord, making jam!!! I am still prunning off the new griwth on the top of the vines! Will be finished tomorrow!

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Thanks, I try to keep them at bay by removing all new grows, but when it is easy with grape on arbor, it is very difficult with Reliance because it grows high and even ladder doesn’t let me get to the middle of the green mass. This is why I need some advise on how to properly train it to make it possible.

I would also consider grafting onto the grape you don’t like (would keep the year(s?) of root growth you have already and you could easily rub off all buds below graft site.