Grapes taste

It is winter here and I want to buy some table grapes for fresh eating. I am unsure about the descriptions of the taste. I have eaten muscat and understand how it tastes different from regular grapes, but am unsure if I would be able to discern any of the other different flavours?

One is described as “Passion-fruit muscat flavour”. Would someone with an unrefined palate be able to taste passion fruit in a grape? Or is this more likely to taste like muscat and the passionfruit would only be noticed by someone who is really into grapes?

Others are described as having “American strawberry flavour”. Again, would someone really be able to taste strawberry, or would they just describe it as grape?

Do you know the names of the grapes?

I’m curious which ones tastes like passionfruit.

I have a isabella grape. It has some strawberry taste. Definitely not enough to make you think your eating a weirdly textured strawberry. But most people i let taste the grape said it had a little strawberry taste. And those who did not note the strawberry taste themselves, agreed quickly when strawberry was mentioned. (this could be a bias though)

I think Vitis labrusca in parentage causes the strawberry like taste.
Fragolino - Wikipedia is made from isabella grape.

Hi @oscar the passionfruit one is ‘Canadian muscat’. They are listed here: Gardenarium :: Table Grapes & Wine Grapes

I want to grow them for my kids (and myself) to eat fresh. I can’t decide between growing grapes that taste like the ones I can get in the supermarket, or trying some of the more interesting sounding ones.

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id always get the variety that is know to preform well in your climate/soil.

After that i avoid the supermarket varieties. More fun to try something you can’t taste otherwise.

The exception though is if you really like supermarket style of produce. Supermarkets often have “unripe hard/crispy” produce. Those ship and store longer but lack in taste imo. Some people preferer that texture their used to, over more flavour though.

I see they also sell issabella. Although i think in your climate there are “better” grapes to grow.

Isabella has a loose skin (slip skin) And thus a weird structure/texture if your used to super crispy unripe supermarket grapes