Great day for gathering scions

Had a great day gathering scion wood with a friend. Weather was gorgeous for February! Got a couple of new varities of autumn olives which were ambir and Garnett. Seedless Che, several types of persimmons, half a dozen new to me varities of pear scion , 25 Harbin rootstocks, 1 hardy jujube rootstock, a few sweet cherry scions. How is your spring wish list coming?


This has been an unusual spring due to not requesting any new scions. I have however collected several of my own for backups and to refine what I have. My goal now is to decide what works for my location and which fruit is so good I’m willing to tolerate smaller crops.


Yes, that is smart. It’s constant though! I removed a bunch of plants last year. Either from very poor performance or I didn’t use fruit enough. Like I had way too many blackberries. And I agree with you about accepting lower yields for excellent fruit.

This year I have scion for peaches nectarines, plums, and pluots. just about everyone I don’t have. Probably overkill, i just could not say no! I’m going to be grafting for 3 weeks! Also ton’s of fig cuttings too. Oh three Pomegranate cuttings (two cultivars have already rooted), and mulberry scion to try a root a few and also grafting. Many figs will be grafted too.