Green beans 2022

Hope everyone is getting plenty of produce. Green beans are great. Pole beans have a rIcher flavor typically than bush beans in my opinion. We grow Both.


Worst year in the garden for years. Everything had to wait to go in, had to replant beans three times. Tomatoes once in the ground finally took off but took ages to set fruit, only now starting to ripen. Lettuce and kale went in early and did fine; spinach bolted early in spite of being in early. Shallots and garlic were fine, though.

Almost no bloom made it through late frosts on my pear and apple, and what did didn’t get many bees. So, easy harvest this year.


Green beans are good keto food… especially the flat itallian types… where you get more meaty pod and less bean.

I pressure can them and we eat them all winter. A great side for many dishes.

A double row… half runners on the left… with a cattle panel to climb… bush beans on the right.


Bunnies ate my beans. They managed to get to my raised planters and would look at me unafraid as they ate the shoots.


Great year for us. We’ve got 8 rows growing, 5 are trellised, and have flourished. So glad we trellised, makes it so much easier to pick. Couple rows were bush beans (Contender and Triomphe de Farcy), and those aren’t as prolific, but we picked enough to freeze some. Also been picking some for supper occasionally.

We canned 20 quarts of Rattlesnake pole beans a couple weeks ago, and I processed another 7 quarts of Rattlesnake and half runners this week. There’ll be more to pick in a short time.


This looks like a good place to ask what is your favorite variety of pole bean? I’ve had White Maccaslan and Rattlesnake. Both were good tasting to me.

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Never heard of the first variety, but Rattlesnake is my favorite pole bean. We’ve tried various versions of half runners, but R/S is the best IMO.

I don’t generally like bush beans, but the Triomphe de Farcy was the best tasting version I’ve had, especially if you pick them early. Lightly boiled and then served with a bit of butter and bacon bits, mmm.

Do you or anyone else on here do pickled beans? I like just about anything pickled, but dilly beans just doesn’t sound very appealing to me. Or pickled corn…


bean wall 30’ long 10’ high.
Rattlesnakes and flat Italian


I haven’t had those yet,but a couple of local fast food restaurants batter and deep fry them and they’re pretty tasty.


Take a look at Sandhill’s list of snap beans.

While I like Rattlesnake, there are better flavored beans.

Emerite is an example of a modern pole snap bean that is productive and good for snaps or canning.

Turkey Craw is a very old variety that is superb for snaps, canning, leather britches, or shellies. It is arguably the best all around bean I’ve grown.

Woods Mountain Crazy Bean is the best bush snap bean.

Sicitalian Black Swamp is truly unique that it is a nearly round bean that is outstanding frozen then thawed.

Grandma Roberts Purple Pole is an exceptionally good early planted pole bean.

Striped Bunch is a true half runner that still has the “white” surface color for which White Half-Runners were named. It is a decent snap bean but is exceptional for dilly beans.

Musica is an exceptionally good romano type wide flat bean.

Blue Marbutt is an old family bean that is better all around than most modern bean varieties.

I could list a dozen more that are exceptional, but the above is enough to get started.


My wife makes spicy dilly beans. Very tasty. I like snacking on them while drinking beer and watching football :slight_smile:


I just canned nine-1 1/2 pints (wish I had more of those jars) of spicy dilly beans. I grew strike bush beans for the first time and had so many long, perfectly straight beans that look great in those tall jars. I like dilly beans to add to a mixed pickle plate or in Bloody Mary’s. I always pickle some asparagus for the same use.


Thanks for the replies about dilly beans, maybe we’ll try a few pints.

We were about out of quart jars, but was able to get several dozen free jars (~100 total) from my wife’s aunt’s family recently. They had been in their cellar for a while, but we thoroughly cleaned them up, and put them to good use.

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Suburban grower here with limited space . . . My favorite bean is a bush bean called Jade. I cannot often find organic seeds locally so I typically order them online and then share some with the neighbors who also love them. The plant grows tall and straight and the green beans remain off the ground. It’s very prolific! If you pick them early enough, there are no strings to remove and the actual beans inside are small. They are so tender that, most often, a few never make it to the kitchen. They’re great raw, too.


Are they comparable to pickled okra, I love that stuff…

I couldn’t tell you, I’ve never had pickled okra.

The recipe to pickle okra, beans, asparagus is essentially the same at my house so the similarity in flavor is there but there is the expected taste and texture difference between the veggies. When I have refrigerator room I like to make a gallon jar of mixed veggie pickles too.
For some reason I didn’t plant okra this year and I even have the seeds of three varieties.

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These bean plants are leaping! Hope everyone is doing well with their plants


I picked another bushel basket of them this week, mostly half runners. Canned another 7 quarts, that makes 34qt so far.

Our sweet corn is about two weeks from being ready. Tassels are still purple, waiting on them to dry out before picking.

Our sunflowers are doing well, the bumblebees have been getting jiggy with them lately…


I grew enough pole beans this year to have enough to can which has been awesome! It makes me feel close to my grandma who has long since passed. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with her snapping beans for canning.

We are using cattle panel trellises which make it so easy to harvest. This one is Ideal Market and next to it I am growing Kentucky Blue.