Greenhouse in summer

My property is very small for a full scale garden, just 6K sq ft. Because of this I never was able to afford a real greenhouse that I desperately need to start my garden plants. So far I used a portable 6X8 greenhouse on the deck, it has plastic film cover, doesn’t hold warmth well and too small. I started to think about a real greenhouse, like 12X8, double poly-carbonate, with automatic vents and fan. The problem is, I can’t just give up 12X8 of a garden space to only use for starters. But in the middle of summer the heat could be too mach inside even with fans and open doors. So, I try to figure out what can grow inside?
Peppers with shade fabric on top?
If the plants in the greenhouse become sick by the end of the season, would it be a problem for my next year starters?

Same problem Here so I started growing on the rooftop.

Rooftop is 1000 square feet and 42 vertical feet above my street.


What is under the pots? Are you not worried about your roof and moisture?

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I have a rubber roof membrane that is water tight. The lack of sunlight on the roof will triple the rubber’s life expectancy.


Well, you shouldn’t have to worry about deer!

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That is a running joke for me. I brag about my 3 foot tall fence that keeps deer out and give them my address so they can see. I don’t let them know that the 3 foot fence is to keep me in.

And how tall is your house? I wondering, how all this soil got on the roof? What kind of stares or lift you have? Having my garden on 7 different levels teaches me to ask these questions :grin:

And how sturdy is the roof? That’s a lot of weight on it.

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The house is 34 feet tall from ground level and the roof is supported by True old growth 2" by 10" rafters. The roof has a 1 foot overhang so 2 feet of dirt balances out. The dirt is 5 feet wide on each side with a 10 foot dirt free center Everything is of rotted vegetation. I pit the vegetation in the center 10 feet to walk on which breaks it down really fast. In fall I move the center compost to mulch the side soil and put bags of leaves and compost in the center. Come spring I’ll empty the dry bags to expose them to water and foot traffic.
All is carried up by ladders from street level up 42 feet vertically by steps then a ladder.

Are all of those pots holding strawberries?

Only because you don’t have our moose. They can jump pretty high.


So people don’t have to look it up what happened here is that the cable is laid, rests on the ground, and then pulled from the end. When pulling they could not get it to tension right and when they walked the line to investigate…


they can jump REALLY WAY UP THERE

There are all sorts of vegetables that like it hot. You could make yourself a pretty thick jungle of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.