Grilled Peaches

Over the weekend I was watching one of those T.V. cooking shows and they had the world’s simplest way to prepare peaches that also happens to be incredibly delicious. I had it for dinner tonight and I promise that if you make this quick and easy desert you’ll immediately find room for a couple more peach trees.

Take about 10 peaches (or as many as you want) and run a knife all the way around the “seam” of a peach. Do the best you can to either twist and pull the 2 halves away from the pit or cut them away from the pit (in cling-types). So you are left with two full, in-tact peach halves for each peach…

Next, brush both sides of each peach half with vegetable oil (I just put them in a bowl with oil and gently stir with my hands to coat them.

Then just put them on a hot grill peeling side up. Leave on grill for about 6-9 minutes, longer for firmer fruit. You can flip them over but it isn’t required. If you don’t, leave on the fruit side for 10-12 minutes total. If you flip them, do 6-9 on one side, 5 more on other . It will leave beautiful grill marks on the fruit side along with some wonderful, crispy bits where the natural sugars from the peach bubbly up and harden.

While peaches are grilling, take a very small bowl and melt about a 1/2 stick of real butter (I said its delicious, not that its healthy) so its at a thick but pourable state (15 seconds in my microwave). When peaches are done, take up and put in a casserole dish, Sprinkle liberally with brown sugar and (if you wish) a light sprinkle of cinnamon Finally, pour the butter over the peach halves and brown sugar and (perhaps) cinnamon.

The grill marks and char on the peaches give it the unique “grilled” appearance and taste. The flesh is soft from being “cooked”. The butter and brown sugar and maybe cinnamon all give it wonderful flavor, as you can imagine.

I made this sound more complicated than it is. Just coat some fresh peach halfs in oil and put on the grill, peeling up. Take up in 10-12 minutes. Cover with butter, brown sugar, and maybe Cinnamon.

TRY IT!!! Thank me later. :slight_smile:


Sounds great. I’ve grilled peaches before and served them hot with vanilla ice cream. Nice contrast of hot and cold.

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It does sound good, I’ll have to try it!

Dang, Dave, now I’ve got to try that too! I’m thinking how great it would be to put some nice vanilla ice cream on top of what I just described. Wow…glad I’ve got lots of peaches coming this year! Its also neat that you’ve grilled peaches. I’d never heard of such a thing and it sounded a little bizarre to me when I heard “grilled peaches”.

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sounds very tasty

Hoisin Glazed peaches
Sweet chili glazed peaches

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A small spoon of spiced rum pour into the grilled peach cavity will complete the taste (if you can tolerate alcohol)… :yum:



Oh my. Just oh my.

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Holy cow, I LOVE love that idea! May try it tonight.

That sounds so delicious,I may have to buy a grill. Brady

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Just add small amount of rum. You don’t want the alcohol to over-power your sweet, buttery peachy treats! I’ve grilled peaches, nectarines desert for years, just never thought that it’s out of norm for things to grill in summer! :yum:


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Under ripe peaches, such as late thinned, are excellent grilled as well.


Agreed, peaches that are over ripe don’t grill as well in my opinion. Just ripe or slightly under ripe is best.

It’s funny you should say that…today at lunch I went out to one of my trees that I did not thin NEARLY enough. So all the peaches are quite small. They also are just a tad bit under-ripe, so just like @speedster1 said, they are quite firm.

@tomIL , I took your suggestion and followed your directions as well. I did the spiced rum peaches separately in case I didn’t love them. But just as I suspected, I LOVED THEM. I really, realled loved them! Thanks for that great idea. I will say, though, that everyone might not share our opinion. Even though I did use a very small amount of rum AND I put it on while still really hot (thinking some of the alcohol would evaporate), the taste of rum was still quite prevalent. I absolutely loved it, but it might not suit everyone. As for grilled peaches being unusual, I think you are probably right…summertime is grill time and almost anything eatable is fair game for grilling, especially in summer. But when I first heard and thought about grilling peaches, it just sounded a little unusual for some reason…thank goodness I tried it!

Nothing quite like visual aids when it comes to food! The first photo is the small peaches just after I took them off the grill.
Second photo is after I added the butter, brown sugar, and a little cinnamon. (And you will notice that by this time I had already done some, um, “quality control testing”. :wink:



Am I invited?

Am I invited?


Me too. Be there in probably 7-8 hours I’d say.

Abolutely, as long as I get to come to your house whn you start picking all those great plums and pluots you have! We must have similar tastes because almost all your fruits are ones I have on my wish list!

I can send you the scions next year if you want! I may not have many plums and pluots this year due to PC pressure that my trees have experienced in spite of many rounds of insecticide spray that I’ve put on!

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made some roasted peach and & honey sorbet at work

2# firm peaches
3 TB honey
3 cups of your favorite simple syrup, I used Ginger infused

roast peaches with honey on top, until they start to caramelize and soften 20-30min @400 degrees or so will do it
puree the peaches
combine with syrup and cool
process in your ice cream machine