Grilled Peaches

Okay,Fantasia Nectarines are falling from my tree,so I tried Kevin’s suggestion with them,instead of Peaches.
This was done at work and after trying different methods to light some briquettes,for about two hours,no exaggeration,we finally did it.
The results were less than expected and I blame the low heat they put out.They weren’t bad,just seemed under cooked.They were even left on the grill a bit longer than recommended.
Another attempt will probably be made with better

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I’m really surprised you weren’t more impressed because the final photo looks like you got it right. I honestly do think it may have been the heat- I use a gas grill (I know…I know ha) and put it on pretty high. I made some more grilled peaches that I took to work and people went crazy…and I can tell when my co-workers are just being nice and when they are seriously loving something. And just so you know, this isn’t my original idea or anything. If you google “grilled peaches” you will find all kinds of variations. I really hate that you weren’t more impressed but darn if they don’t look incredible! :slight_smile:


I wanted to get that charred look like yours and maybe Peaches are better for this.I have a couple late varieties that should be worth a try next month.
These were pretty good with vanilla ice cream