GRIN Geneva, NY Collection Tour (Sept. 16, 2017)

Apple, Grape, and Tart Cherry Collection Tour

The Clonal collection of Plant Genetic Resources Unit, USDA-ARS, Geneva, NY is pleased to announce our annual open house on September 16, 2017, Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. The location is at McCarthy Farm, 2865 County Road 6 (Preemption Road), Geneva, NY, 14456 (across from St. Mary’s Cemetery). It is going to be two hours walking tour on uneven ground through the orchard and vineyard. We will walk and talk for 10 minutes about the collection overall, 10 minutes about the tart cherry collection, 70 minutes about the apple collection, and 30 minutes about the grape collection. One would have a chance to taste many apple and grape varieties in the collection. If there is any question about the tour or the collection, please contact C. Thomas Chao at or at 315-787-2454. We will see you rain or shine on 9/16/2017.


Thank you. We’ll be in Ithaca in Aug so we plan to drive to the Geneva station.

May go back there for this Open House if possible. Thank you for posting.

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I was hoping to go but it too close to my wife’s due date so maybe next year. Eat some Apples and Grapes for me.

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Congrat. Another gardener-to- be is going to arrive soon. Your first? Boy or girl?


2nd and boy

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