GRIN scions


More requests was my impression. I’ll have to follow up.


With figs from Davis I really think they were monitoring the forums and read some things like “I ordered these months ago and forgot why I even wanted them” and there might have been some resold on eBay, also. I doubt the people at Davis would have said that, but if they read the comments it would have had an impact.


I just got mine for the year:
PRI 1918-1
Jonsib Crab
Coop 11
Coop 37
Coop 41

I started trees from seed in root pruning containers in the winter under lights. I grafted many in containers later that spring. Only a few took, likely because the trees were so young. I tried budding that summer with some of those trees. Some I just let grow. I overwintered them in a cold room.

Yesterday, I took a bunch out, put them under lights and started grafting. I’ll continue to do this as the week progresses.

Most of my trees will end up in a wildlife setting with little care. My primary selection criteria was disease resistance and varieties different from what I’ve already got going.




You already got a shipping notice, i haven’t heard anything yet…panic in the streets now!




I just got my scions from Geneva today. Some apple and sour cherry. Size and quality of the product is unexcelled. Firing off another thank-you to Dawn’s team now…



Scott, you seem kinda like an angry ogre, maybe an old hermit with all the tools in your garage and no ones allowed to use them. :slight_smile:

Like the guy that wanted to staple the dogs arse shut on the ‘The Burbs’. :slight_smile:

LOL! I know what you mean about over use my orders are made with sincerity and I always put what i get from GRIN to good use. Thought I think most of this is geared towards the pears…


Dan-- In all fairness, your last post comes across as quite insulting.


You’d have to know me to understand i live in sarcasm. P/C I surely am not.

All of this was a joke based off his scotts posts stating he wished people wouldnt take part in the offerings of such programs, so freely.


I’m sure it’s not your intent to insult.

The government research stations each set up their own rules of the road. They are all set up to help American landowners with germplasm for research purposes.

The station in Davis California stopped widely sending out scions because - whether we agree with the principle or not - their directors felt the program was being abused. This has been frustrating for those of us who were happy enough to play by the rules. Now, we no longer have ready access to the wonderful stockpile of goods held at Davis. This is the frustration Scott has articulated-- on this forum he has afforded us out of the generosity of his time and expertise.

If one wants to advocate for a different policy for the germplasm stations-- that could perhaps be well directed at the USDA; or the White House; or the U.S. Congress.

Scott is not grumpy or stingy merely to point out the frustrations of the above mentioned abuse, or to offer ideas for remedial behavior. Indeed, I can think of no other individual in the world who has been as selfless and generous in his sharing of time, expertise, and his own germplasm, than Scott.


Just got a shipping notice yesterday and I’m not ready! Planning to root hardwood cuttings and I don’t have all the stuff yet. Good thing I just got paid…


I am using my wine fridge set to 39-41f most people just use the crisper draw of there regular fridge. Even if you order your root stock now places like raintree and cummins are not shipping till march. So most of us are looking at a minimum of 6 weeks in the fridge.


I think I might go colder if you can, since it won’t hurt the wood. I had my mini fridge at 35 when I put scion in it and they kept great for 8-10 weeks. When I had some in a crawl space that was around 40 or so they started to push a bit before I got them grafted and I had a lot fewer takes. It seems to me you want the rootstocks waking up first if at all possible so you can get a bond between it and the scion before the scion starts sprouting, so keeping the scion in as deep a sleep as possible seemed to help with my grafting. It may not be a big deal, but that was my experience.


Pears will be shipping soon I imagine?



I just got my shipping notice for pear scions


I’m curious as to how the system works re: shipping notice and actual receiving time. Are your scions coming from NCGR Corvallis? (Last year we did cut about this time.) I was told by HOS that scions would be cut at the end of Feb but maybe that is just their own scions.


Yes, they are coming from Corvallis. They should be here tomorrow


I got mine yesterday!!


Got my scions today. Holy crap…they are huge. Some have to be 20" long