GRIN scions


Its basically 2 day air.


I always cut the scions down for a gallon bag.


I do the same- it is plenty long and saves on shipping costs.

It’s possible that they do more than one round. I’ve gotten scions from Corvallis on 2/18 and 2/25 in past years.


Yep, I cut them down too. I’ve got them and my GRIN apple scions in a 2.5 gallon zip bag


I just potted up my cuttings last night. I got very long budsticks too, 18" easily. Scionwood came out to 25 cuttings of 6 varieties. Which now leads me to ponder a question I have not been letting myself think about too hard…

What the $@#! am I gonna do with 25 quince trees???


Quince would be great but it’s likely not more than half will grow.


I grafted quince to the only thing I had available at the time, a flowering quince. So far I have yet to move the grafts to another rootstock, which is what I am planning on doing. I didn’t want to take the risk of them not taking root, which is why I grafted. Perhaps you will have better luck with rooting them, I hope so.


Anybody besides me still waiting on apple scions from GRIN? I am pressing the panic button now that my rootstocks have been ordered.


I’m waiting on one apple and a few tart cherry scions from Geneva. I put my request in around Jan 7.


Still waiting here. :persevere:


I’m waiting as well. No reason to panic though. I’m sure they will ship soon.


Glad it’s not just me :slight_smile:


Good news- I just received my shipping notification. Also, I made an observation since I posted yesterday. It appears that (from those that chimed in here) that the people who had not received the scions yet were of more northern states (PA, OH, WV, WA, etc) while those in warmer climates had already received their scions (from MD southward). Thanks GRIN!


Makes total sense the ship based on climate unlike retailers who ship bareroots in Nov. When its temps randomly jump to the 60’s.

Previously asked dawn to hold my shipment because I am on vacation, emailed asking her to release it yesterday and today I got the shipping notice.


I’m also waiting but in no hurry since we’re in the minus teens/twenties part of winter here. And our mailbkx is half mile from the house. So i’m hoping they wait awhile yet. Sue


I got my apple and pear scions and I’m in central MN…so at least one person “up north” got their scions :grin:

In the past I’ve tried to figure out shipping order and have been unable to do so.


Interesting. Yes, I received a my apple scions last week here in Alaska


@smsmith @Palmer They must have known that you two have greenhouses! :grinning:


I wish. My wife has been asking about getting a greenhouse. Maybe someday (probably not)


I just received UPS shipping notice from Geneva. :grinning: