GRIN scions


For the last few years, the Davis repository has not fulfilled my requests for germplasm, as most other requestors have experienced. The rumor is they have been overwhelmed with requests, and felt the system was being abused by overzealous or non-serious inquirers who could find many of the varieties at commercial sources.

I was amazed when I received a huge package from them today with everything I asked for this past year: cuttings of rare peaches, nectarines, cherries, figs, and persimmons. Thick diameter on the sticks. I hustled to get the figs into a sterilized rooting bin. The rest are chilling in my fridge.


Did you happen to order Yellow Neches?


I ordered from Davis, and didn’t get scions yet. I’m probably in the crowd of people that didn’t get approved!


No, sorry.


But I did get cuttings of Ischia Black.

Other highlights include some uncommon peaches: Foster, Silver Logan, Zin Dai Jiu Bao, Sanguine Tardeva, and Sanguine de Chateauneuf.


Wow, what a treasure, congrats!


Take good care of those. It would probably be a good idea to treat the fig cuttings for fig bud mites once they leaf out just to be safe. The rates for FMV are much higher at Wolfskill than other parts of the world where the fig bud mite is native and has natural predators to control its population.


I finally got a shipping notice for my Geneva order.


I received the things I ordered from Corvallis and Geneva a couple weeks ago. Unexpectedly, I also received a shipment from Davis that I ordered last year (before hearing what a long shot Davis was).


Am I right in concluding that you did not receive an email about the shipment being sent or tracking number? If so, what delivery method, e.g. UPS 2-day, was used? Thanks.


I did receive an e-mail, but it was scant on details. It said UPS package would come from USDA/ARS, but for days, the tracking number provided no information.

Eventually, it said the package originated at Sacremento Calif (near Davis). That tipped me off, but even then, I did not allow myself to get too excited about it, because Davis ignored me multiple years before.

The other reason being: I have USDA also planning to send me the “Copper” strain of Allegheny chinkapins. That package will probably originate in upstate New York, but I am not 100% confident about that hunch. One of the obscure stations in upstate New York is involved with chinkapins. They promised me several months ago to send me germplasm, but such a package has yet to manifest itself…

The UPS-notified package took at least a week to get here-- perhaps longer-- and it was indeed from Davis… packed to the hilt with everything I requested, including rare fig and stonefruit scionwood.


IIRC it was sent UPS 2-day, and I did get an email notice from UPS that a package was on its way a week before I got it like Matt did.


All of the fig cuttings from USDA-Davis have rooted in the bin. Today, I potted them up.

Bottom row left to right: VdB, Excel, Alma, and Brunswick.
Middle row: Panache, Desert King (from @Stan), and Granada (pomegranate from @Drew51).
Top row: Peter’s Honey (also from @Stan), Ischia Black (modest amount of roots; not sure if that one will make it), and Celeste.


Leafing out here are a few descendants of the “Copper” strain of Allegheny chinkapin sent to me from USDA’s Big Flats station in New York.

I will interplant these among the “Golden” seedlings of Allegheny chinkapin I received from the Ayton State Nursery a few years back. I hope they eventually cross-pollinate and give me lots of nuts!


All of my GRIN scions are grafted. on to Bud9, M27, G41 and my Frankentosh tree. I they all took and if there are any failures its do to me bumping the scion moving them a week after I grafted.

Anyone who has yet to order from GRIN should know they send some donkey appendage scions.


lol on the size comparison. I’d say that the vast majority of GRIN scions I’ve received have been pencil caliper or a bit bigger…pretty much what I’d call an “ideal” size scion. Some of the crabapple varieties I’ve received from them were a bit smaller however. Just the nature of the beast I imagine


Except for one which was pencil think and they sent 3 sticks of that.


Got to love those ACs! I started a bunch of wild ones from nuts this winter. Here are a couple of pics:


Does anyone order budding scions from Geneva? I was thinking of submitting an order.


I did last year. I practice my bud grafting and failed miserably. The Buds they sent where beautiful. Dont let my failure dissuade you. The bud wood sticks are just as substantial as the Scion sticks. You can easily graft 10 or more trees from an average stick.