GRIN scions


Thank you Carroll !


I also want to retract my previous statement about failing all of my bud grafts. I was just looking at the tree and one took and I think at least two others took but did not grow.


You may need to force them.


Fortunately I dont need the buds. I regrafted with scions everything from last fall


With today’s mild weather- it was time to prepare the cuttings that survived this past year to overwinter in my basement.

Only one stick of Ischia Black made it. I’ll take it!

Time for an upgrade in pot size:


Well, since I had all of my apple and pear scions at this time last year…I’m guessing that my odds of getting any this year are somewhere between slim and none.


Yes Stu, I’d agree thats why I decided to go public looking for scion that I’m SOL on w/o GRIN. Such wonderful people at GRIN, I hope their work will continue.


I hope so too. If my GRIN order doesn’t come through, my plan is to start doubling up on some of my favorite trees. Every once in awhile I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about what would happen if my only Keepsake (or any other singleton variety) tree suddenly dies. I had that happen with my only Candy Crisp tree a couple years ago and it sucked.


Don’t do that to me Stu, If I have to double everything to save face I’m never going to get loose of this Apple craze. :slight_smile:


Free from GRIN is better than buying. But, there are vendors for most stuff. (the Kazakstan seedlings notwithstanding).


Agreed. I haven’t looked for Eda crab, South Dakota Bison crab, or Okolo pear from private vendors, but they may be out there somewhere. My other GRIN requests can be had for a price somewhere else.

I’ve got some scions coming from Fedco, so I’ll at least be adding those new (to me) varieties.


Just a reminder this organization can use all the help we can give them. They take orders through January 25.


Looks like I could get S.D. Bison from TOC. Maybe next year I’ll order a few from them and be done with GRIN.


Thanks for posting a reminder applebacon.
I’d been to their site a year or two ago, but forgot about it.
Looks like their collection is about as extensive as GRIN/USDA?


If I lived in the vicinity, I would have definitely volunteered…there are some fantastic people out there:


I know you have volunteered many hours of your valuable time towards ARS Grin to help with various tasks in the orchard. Do you have any information this year on if scion will be sent out? ARS Grin is a great program.


Hey Clark, the only info I have I just got today…I was out there cutting scions, and this is for Corvallis only…the guy that knows all, said that the orders that were in by Dec. 20 will probably be filled. There were some volunteers out there a couple weeks ago cutting the sticks (I missed that session). I don’t know about the timeline for sending them out but with the govn. shut-down they are not even officially open, so it might take a while, but it sounds positive for those earlier orders. If things get rolling again very soon there could be more scions cut = completely unknown at this point. Up to the minute news ha ha. Unless the govn completely collapses, there will be a next year.
…Seedy Steve


Thank you @Seedy Steve for the update. We appreciate all that you all are out there doing!


Oh that’s exciting, thanks for relaying that message. I had given up hope but now I can cross my fingers again. :smile: I had ordered a few pear and quite a few ribes cuttings.

The pears were Lucy Duke and Bergamotte Esperen, they seemed interesting. Thankful there are people looking after the plants, even if I don’t get anything in the mail myself.


Wow, I ordered on the 20th. We’ll see how that plays out…