GRIN scions


Well…maybe there’s still a chance


It’s like it’s a secret but I found it…

Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)


Did not know and wondered about that myself.Glad you posted that!


They sent me really nice sticks of scionwood last year…some bigger than my rootstocks…I made successful grafts, so all is well.
Didn’t order any this year.


Someone i talked to ordered Scions from GRIN on December 11th and received them in the mail yesterday.


Interesting. Maybe there’s still a chance. I ordered scions as soon as GRIN was taking orders for them (October?)


Good news. I ordered Pear scion . Hope they make it and get through the cold freeze. What are members receiving now Thanks.?


Placed my order in September. Dawn created it in the system in November. Received my notice of shipment today.


In my email today: Hi Robishaw, you have a package coming. Scheduled Delivery Date: Friday, 02/01/2019 **
I’m impressed!! The staff must have really hustled when they got back to work. I didn’t really think I’d get anything this year. And thankfully they aren’t out for delivery today, or tomorrow (our garage where deliveries are left is a half mile from the house) (and I’m not walking up there in this weather!). They won’t arrive Friday anyway since not much is traveling in the upper midwest right now. But it should be back to just normal cold Friday anyway. I think these are the apples. Happy. Back to my orchard planning! Sue


Dawn is the best!!


Just received a shipping notification. These folks are great!


Got a shipping notification today. Good thing the refrigerator is cleaned out! Corvallis is great!


mi2 Got a shipping notification today grafting time !


Lucky you. I started taking cuttings today, to send out, and noticed that I haven’t got enough room for all of them, and I have 3 refrigerators. Guess I’ll tell the chickens to go easy on the eggs, I need the room for a while.


Just got a shipping notice, my scions are on the way :grinning:

I thought there was a way to determine if they were coming from Corvalis or Geneva previously? I couldn’t figure it out this time

Figured it out, they are my apple scions coming from Geneva


My apple scions just arrived. In great shape and of very nice caliper like always. I received 3 sticks of most requested varieties instead of the normal 2 this year. Anybody else?


I’ve seen this topic talked about a lot on this site. So is GRIN a repository for just apple and pear scions? Do you have to pay for them, if so, how much? If not, do you have to use them in a certain way?


GRIN has many, many species of plants. I have only used them for apple and pear scions, but I have also looked at mulberry, raspberry, and blackberry information.

I use my GRIN scions for educational purposes. I am trying to determine which varieties will survive in central MN when grafted to b118, ranetka, dolgo, mm111, ussurian pear, or OHxF 97 rootstocks. I will then share that information with other local growers as well as with others via various internet forums/sites.

You can also use the scions for breeding or other agricultural research purposes.

Apple and pear scions are free, but I believe last year Corvallis was asking for free will donations to cover pear scion shipping costs. I can’t speak for any other plant species and cost.


I got 2 of each, 12" long, beautiful as usual. What a treat! This is plenty for my use so I’m glad they didn’t send any more, or I’d be looking around for any available shoot to graft them to. I hate to not make full use of what they send.

Got the email that pears are due to arrive Friday - both apples and pears managing to arrive during big storms! Good thing we have hardy UPS drivers to deliver the hardy varieties. Sue


Bob, Like Stu I’m using my GRIN scions to test out hardy varieties most of which I can’t get elsewhere, on various rootstocks with the plan to share info and scions and enourage growing more hardier apples & pears in our area, including uncommon but good varieties. It’s a long-term project. For me it’s really nice that others who live in cold climates, like Stu, Steve, etc., are doing the same thing since their results are useful for me, too. It’s a great service the ARS-GRIN-NPGS offers and much appreciated. I use them for varieties not commonly available for the most part.

There’s more info and discussion on this other thread, too: Very thankful for ARS GRIN programs! A plethora of pears & apples!