GRIN scions


Just inspected mine this morning and they seem to be a smaller diameter than last year. They might challenge my grafting skills a bit more.

I received 3 scions of 3 varieties, 2 scions of the rest.


I have just received a GRIN shipping notification… I ordered on December 21st.


I hope I wasn’t passed over. I ordered Docteur Desportes and Fondante de Moulins Lille pear scions in Sept. and it says “PENDING” still.


I don’t think the Pear site at Corvallis has started shipping yet.


they ship my today


Has anyone gotten their ship notification from UCD yet?


Just got an email from Corvallis, my package will ship Monday.


The first package I got was actually from Geneva and Corvallis has not shipped the scions yet.


My pears arrived today, long and beautiful! Along with the note same as last year where you can send a donation. Be nice if there were something similar for Geneva apples. So nice a service. I’ll be happily admiring and waxing tomorrow. Then back in storage till end of May. Sue


I’m sorry! I’ve got bud swell on my Niedzwetzkyana here in Kentucky.(Of course it hit 73 degrees yesterday…but in 20’s currently).


i got my pears from Corvallis so nice and big


Just got the email that Corvallis is shipping me something :astonished: I’m so excited! I will be waiting in anticipation to see if I get only pears or if they will send the ribes too. Exciting!!


Does Corvallis have a catalog like Grin does of the available varieties?


Corvallis, Geneva and Davis are all part of the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System.

Davis, CA Documents Page, Geneva, NY Documents Page, Corvallis, OR Documents Page


If you request pear scions, they come from Corvallis. It’s the same website you use for apple varieties


Right but the catalogs are here. I don’t see one for the ‘pears’.


A sample search using “pear”!&sort=swishrank&si=0&.cgifields=si&.cgifields=reverse


The equivalent for pears is on this page,, it contains an excel spreadsheet and a pdf.


There were quite a few unpaid employees ‘at work’ at NCGR-Corv during the shutdown, and of course shipping, etc., costs; so, (as a volunteer fruit picker and scion cutter at the Corvallis site) I’ll just add another reminder here that a little donation goes a long way…I think there’s a button right on the web page. I did just sent a note to the Curator (Corv) about how much appreciation I’m seeing on this forum. Nice.
Edit: He was really happy to hear that.