Grow in pots

Here are some of my favorite flowers, mostly in pot, except lilies.enjoy


Very pretty. I bought 8 tree peonies. They looked very better and more unique than the bush type.


Tony, I’m sure you know that Tree Peonies are the ‘collectors items’ of peonies. They look like ‘can-can’ dancers when they start blooming. Their blossom are huge. I grew them years ago but left them when I moved. They are fantastic. You will have quite a show!

Thanks Tony。I love peony too, tree peony costs way too much for me. Where did you purchase your peony? There is a web site called peony garden that has good selections of peonies . This year, I try to grow Chinese mums, those dinner plate size show case mums, my flower of the year😉


I bought mine from a GI nurse at the Hospital where I work. Her husband is a tree peony breeder in Iowa. I told them to chose some awesome colors for me.


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Hm… I’ll dig up some tree peony flowering pictures from last year to post. The flowers are heavenly fragrant, humongous and gorgeous!


Tony,Tom,you two might have temp
ted me into tree peony, I have zero resistant towards fragrant flowers

Here are some photos of tree peonies that I have found on the net.


I love the look/smell of peonies but they come and go so fast that i ripped mine out. I prefer long season blooming stuff like zinnias. If i had more room i’d still grow them.

Beautiful‼ are they all fragrant? I particularly love the color of the third one from the picture

Here are some of the tree peony pics from last year bloom!

The first one is in budding stage…

Ready for show…

In her full glory…

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Any special care for these tree peonies? pruning? fertilizer? rabbits protection during winter months?


And the fragrant is not intoxicate, dense sweet like lilacs but very gentle and beautiful. It’s hard to describe but have to be there to admire its presence…

This picture with my hand is for scaling purpose!

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They’re very slow growers so I do not prune them for the 4th year in-ground. I do not fertilize with anything but I do heap up mulch past the original planting mark. It was supposed to encourage its own root development.

Do you know that you can graft the cutting with the herbaceous peony root to create a new and identical tree peony? In few more years, I plan to propagate them for more plants with this technique.

For rabbits protection, I don’t see any damage so far. The apples and pears got gnawed badly but I don’t think they care for tree peony yet!


“Do you know that you can graft the cutting with the herbaceous peony root to create a new and identical tree peony? In few more years, I plan to propagate them for more plants with this technique.”

The breeder told me that is how he mass produce them for the market. He also gave me some seeds to plant. I will give them a try here in March.



What breed of chicken did you use? And how long till those eggs bloomed? .

I gotta get me some.

Do they have any apple or plum chickens?



I didn’t bother to harvest the seeds. Maybe I’ll try to save them this year and I can send them to you if you want to try. Once I graft them successfully, I can send you one but that’s something for the future projects. And I better not to promise the chicken when the egg is not even hatch yet! :grin:


The egg came from the grocery store so I can’t tell what breed of chicken that it came from. My understand that for the egg to bloom properly, it has to be smash into some face, preferably a human face!:laughing:

I don’t know how to answer your last question but I assumed that if you put the apple and the plum into the pot with the chicken, I strongly believe that you should end up with apple and/or plum chicken… dish!!!



I think you’re talking about regular peonies, not tree peonies. Different creature.

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beautiful,huge peony! Now I must have one this year,all your fault😀 I want a yellow one ,maybe in a few years we can swap tree peonies😊