Grow pineapple

when i try to grow the type of fruit of pineapple, for some reason it does not work for me, it always dries, is it a matter of climate?

Hello! I hope we have a member from Hawaii who can discuss pineapples! Welcome!

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Pineapple comes from a wet tropical environment. Israel is pretty dry in comparison. You may have better luck in a small greenhouse so you can control the environment better.

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Do you water in winter that might be what is killing it (In Israel) if that is when it goes dormant.

I have one from last year during the winter I left it in my basement in pot, and didn’t water all winter mine lived.

I kinda have to go, but did you plant food before it went dormant (that is not good I do not think)

Did it have crown rot?

Here is something from Purdue
I know they can grow in that climate
(it is a Bromaliad, but people grow them in their houses all over the place )
I am not certain if certain diseases Grow there though)

(I quote Purdue) (but they are talking in a commercial set up keep in mind)

. The first plantings in Israel were made in 1938 when 200 plants were brought from South Africa. In 1939, 1350 plants were imported from the East Indies and Australia. but the climate is not a favorable one for this crop.\

If the dry air is a problem using a structure to cover could add humidity (Glass jar fish tank etc.)

Cabezona’ (‘Bull Head’, or ‘Pina de ague’) is a prominent variant (a natural tetraploid) of ‘Red Spanish’ long grown in Puerto Rico in the semiarid region of Lajas, to which it is well suited; also in El Salvador

Irrigation: Irrigation is desirable only in dry seasons and should not exceed 1 in (2.5 cm) semi-monthly.

One more Question
When you start a new plant IF you start from the tops from a pineapple
you should let it dry out for a few days at least after being cut even a month will not be bad

This helps it heal the wet bottom preventing the bottom from rotting or disease
Pick some from store without the middle leaves being rotted or test with a pull so they do not show disease , and pull out easy.

I hope that helps some , and maybe try growing that cultivar (mentioned in PUrdue growing in the arid region )