Growing figs the hard way

20 gl squat containers overkill? Maybe. Doing things in reverse, starting out with big containers to start, fill only halfway for the first 3 years, rootprune, fill container 3/4 for the next 3 years, root prune now all the way to the top.Come January 2021 complete overhaul, start over again.


Like their roots out into thick old hardwood mulch,finish with a thick layer of leaves. Not much watering from June till September.
When you fertilize your figs most will drain out the bottom that’s when the trees get most of the fertilizer. The outgoing roots will find it.


That’s a lot of work, but it sounds like you have a good system going!

If you’ll start all of your figs this way, they’ll grow faster and bigger, than in smaller pots.
But I’d fill the containers full, not just half way. They’ll do much better, when you decide to
plant them.