Growing Fruit Meetup

I did a search to see if anyone else had suggested a meetup, and was very surprised to find no results.

I’m curious about how many folks would be interested in doing a “Growing Fruit Meetup”. I know we’re located all over the country, but we could possibly do regional meetups.

Growing Fruit is almost one year old, and even before that most of us were posting on Gardenweb. It seems like we’re already a close-knit family. I don’t post as often as I’d like, but I read posts everyday. After ready through the “Introduce Yourself” and member photos threads, it seems the logical next step would be to actually meet each other.

What do y’all think?


I would be willing to host in my own orchard but probably wouldn’t have time to drive more than 400 miles for such a thing. I’d mostly be interested in seeing other peoples orchards when strung with ripe fruit. I’m about 40 miles north of NYC

Hi RobThomas & Family,
I would love to do a “Growing Fruit Meetup” as you suggest. And like Alan said, when the fruit are strung up or when things are growing strong would be a great time to do this… :yum: I am in the Atlanta, GA area and I have already met one person through this forum and I have received an invite to tour another person’s orchard when the weather gets hot. So, the ball is rolling with me. Again, I am all for a gathering. We can have a fruit and berry good time!!! My yard is about a quarter of an acre and it is filled with vegetation, fruit, berries, muscadines, figs and roses. (In their seasons of course) I would be happy to host as well as visit. Yes, I am all for it Rob Thomas!!!

Hi Rob, for East Coasters, there is nothing like Newport, RI. My orchard is small, but there is also so much to see. Forty trees are not that many, but you are wecome!

Too bad something like this couldn’t be done like a bar crawl. So many interesting places. So many interesting people.

My place is not interesting. Maybe with about 5 more years of work I can have that turned around.

I nominate fruitnut to hold a meet up. I’d love to see his operation and pick his brain first hand. His location is perfect for both east and west coasters and not more than a day or two drive for members in the mid-west

I think we probably should wait for FN to nominate himself- or we could all show up in Aug for a surprise party! We will arrange it all secretly.


Sleeping bags in a greenhouse full of fruits sounds great!!!


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Anyone is welcome here anytime but I think most would turn around before arrival. The mountains can be pretty but the lowlands would be shocking to many. As a plus I’ve got blueberries you could split up and haul home.

Alan, I’d love to visit your place. Unfortunately, you’re about 900 miles away from me. I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with photos of your place from a previous thread. Maybe a northeast meetup would be a good idea.

ahgrower, you aren’t that far from me. I’m in the middle TN area. My inlaws also live in the Atlanta area. So, if there’s ever a meet-up down that way, I could make it.

mrsg, that sounds like an open invitation for a group meet-up at your place!

Muddy, that sounds like a great idea. I’d love to travel all over and visit everyone’s orchard and meet everyone.

I’m taking fruitnut’s response as another open invitation for a group meetup. When should everyone show up, fruitnut?

But seriously, I’d love for something like this to happen. I know a few folks are fairly close to me - cityman, lucky, and some others. And I’d be willing to travel if not too far. Folks are also welcome at my place anytime.

A regional meet-up is probably as close as we could get. It would be a lot of fun if we could pull one off.

An east coast meeting is probably the only real possibility. Maybe midwest. I’m in the middle of nowhere. Only a few posters within 500 miles. Most of you are days away by car and nearest airports are 3-5 hrs

I am in a suburb of Atlanta and will be happy to host a meet-up for us folks in the southeast.
My orchard has 100+ trees and lots of berry plants that might might create some conversation starters.

I have never been to New York city or state, a trip to see Alan’s place in the late summer or fall would be pretty awesome as well.


I sure am looking forward to my invite Chris in GA! I have never been to any kind of orchard and I dream about things like this! LOL

I would host one if we have an allday hands on tree digging and planting workshop in the nursery and new orchard.


I’d be happy to host as well. I’ve never had someone from here over, but when “normal” people ask to see my yard, I usually talk their ear off and give them more than they bargain for. After the first hour, their interest starts to wane :smile:

I’d very much like to see Fruitnut’s place as well, but a plane ride and 3-5 hours in the car sounds like a lot. I’ll be sure to contact him if I ever plan to be within a couple hours of him. I just checked on a map and he is way out there- Dallas is a 7 hour drive…Scott is actually closer to me (~4 hours), than Fruitnut is to Dallas (the part of TX I’ve visited a few times).

[quote=“BobVance, post:16, topic:3681, full:true”]
I’ve never had someone from here over, but when “normal” people ask to see my yard, I usually talk their ear off and give them more than they bargain for. After the first hour, their interest starts to wane[/quote]

Bob, I know exactly what you mean. When I’ve tried to show people around my place, I talk about all the plants and things that I think are interesting. But I can just see their eyes glazing over. Would be nice to talk to someone who is as interested in the topic as I am!


Bob you are welcome anytime. As is anyone else. I’ve had an open house several times for locals and may again in a yr or two. Those have been in May when fruit was starting to ripen but before too many trees were already harvested.

Just planted about 100 trees outdoors for a friend. That might be of interest once it starts bearing.


It depends on whether there is ripe fruit to share. That tends to make it much more interesting for anybody with any fondness at all for fruit…