Growing gardenia...anyone?

Home Depot had some “buttons” Gardenia full of blooms…and man were the flowers good smelling. I must have one.

Any thoughts on how to overwinter these things? Doable?

–“Buttons” is a variety of Gardenia Jasminoides

My father had one inside, kept it in a west-facing window

Did well at first but got spider mites

Oh yes…spider mites. I use to overwinter bananas in a bedroom…i had to lug the whole thing into the shower and give it a cleaning a few times a winter… on a smaller plant it wouldn’t be so bad.

I discovered this about spider mites - at about 40 degrees, they don’t like it

I think i read they need acidic soil?

they can be overwintered by a sunny window sill. Gardenias tolerate shade very well. [quote=“warmwxrules, post:5, topic:11226”]
they need acidic soil?

almost like blueberries. I use orange/lemon/lime peel as mulch. They like it.

and yes, the blossoms are delightful, especially in enclosed courtyards or indoors. Smells of vanilla!

Yeah…i was smelling a bunch of flowers at the HD (i buy by scent!)…and i came across these and it immediately reminded me of the tropics…just a wonderful smell…

i’m going to purchase a couple and take a shot…here is a photo of what i’m looking at.

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you betcha! fragrance adds another dimension to anyone’s garden!
even when your eyes are closed :slight_smile:

Love the fragrance of gardenia. However, growing it in pot in the house is very challenging. Not only I had to be mindful about the temp it liked, getting moisture to its preferred level was even harder. It did not die but did not bloom for me indoor. Well, it later died. A Potted garnedia in cold climate needs pampering.

If you can figure that out, you will be good.

Yeah, spider mites killed my first plant. This year scales killed my 2nd plant . But I bought a new one, can’t resist.

My father’s did bloom

Ask him how he did it, please?

Doing a little reading…its almost like they need some cool to bloom? I think i’ll keep mine outside as long as its 40F or warmer. Should be able to get through most of October.

ime in the tropics, the highest light intensity and longest period of light that does not scorch the leaves is what got them to bloom. They are similar to most orchids in this respect.

So no full sun? maybe something like morning sun and afternoon shade?

All I know is that he kept it in that window

Dappled shade or filtered light is much better(under netting/wooden slats), but morning sun and afternoon shade would be a good alternative. As long as the leaves don’t get bleached.

Gardenias are fantastic and their fragrance is even more beautiful than they look. here’s a link to indoor growing. They are popular around here but they are acid soil lovers. I would love to grow them and azaleas and camellias but it’s not going to happen on my clay hill!!

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I repotted it in a compost/peatmoss mix in a 7 gallon pot. Already opened a new bloom overnight.


It looks very healthy