Growing interest in growing pears in 2019!

Im seeing a larger and larger population of pear growers and those interested in eating different and better quality types of pears. Pear interest may soon catch up with apple grower interest. Im seeing less interest in my area in wine, perry, and hard cider. My belief is persimmon, pawpaw , pears, etc. Taste great when grafted and so will continue to expand in interest. Alcoholic beverages are sometimes inconsistent in flavor due to inferior ingredients or lack of skill. Pears used for alcohol as a purpose should be a different type of pear. What are your thoughts are you growing and or eating more pears than ever?


A luscious soft pear is a good compliment to a crisp apple. Other GF members in the northeast report success with certain pears, so I’m going for it. 3 European pears with the first starting in August sounds good to me. This helps to bridge the gap between early August (when soft berry season pretty much ends due to SWD) and when the first apples will ripen.

My kids really love pears but they’re particular with food. They like the good stuff! Give them a Comice from the store and they go nuts, the others (Anjou, Bartless, Bosc) don’t excite them as much but they do like them.

Of course I’m a noob and have no fruits from my trees yet. Not even from my 4th leaf pawpaws. Many thanks to this forum for giving me the right apples and pears to buy. It has saved me from years of frustration and trial/error.


I almost gave up on pears because of the garbage sold at supermarkets. In rare occasions I would find quality Bosc, d’Anjou or Comice, but these occasions have grown rarer and rarer over the years. Until a couple of years ago, I discovered a local orchard that grows top quality Seckel, Magness and Harrow Sweet. So, now we eat bushels of these fantastic pears every year… If I had more space, I’d definitely grow a couple of pear trees, if not more.


I’m hoping we see more and more types of pears available in 2020. When i first start growing pears it was hard to get more than bartlett at the grocery store. Now hundreds of types of pear trees are for sale instead of 5 or 6. The grocery store now has 3-4 types instead of just 1 type of pear.