Growing loquats in the Pacific Northwest

They’re all about the same as far as vegetative growth is concerned.
Kanko seems hardiest from fruiting perspective. It’s also the tastiest.

Out of my four trees, one is putting on a new flush (and shows zero frost damage), two of them lost their branch tips and aren’t really flushing yet, and the one grafted with the Chinatown tree (their seed parent) is still not growing but didn’t have any real damage besides slight mottling of leaves.

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Is the specimen with zero frost damage a seedling from the Chinatown tree?

Yes, they are all seedlings of that tree.

Today while going around Sebastopol, CA I found this loquat tree alongside the road:

They were too high to pick, but I scavenged a little from what was left of the many fallen loquats. Seemed pretty small, but quite tasty. One I had was just about all sweet, no acidity, and the other I tasted was sweet with a touch of acid for flavor.

I didn’t think any loquats fruit this early, does anyone else know of some that do?

Considering how there had been a decent number of fallen loquats, and quite a few of them looking older, I would think that it has had ripe fruit for a bit now.


I was just in the area anyhow so swung by the big Seattle/Chinatown/International District tree. It’s loaded with fruit, no signs of any color break yet so probably a month or more left to go.


When do loquats begin to be ripe for y’all? All mine are long gone, I have a few grafts added this year and more to do this year to hopefully spread out my season a bit

This tree usually starts in mid-late June with a peak in July some time, but seems behind this year after an unusually cool April and May. I think some later varieties ripen into August here.


For me it’s late July and early to mid august.


I began harvesting Argelino June 1 down by Santa Rosa. Still fruiting.


The Chinatown tree has begun color break and maybe some just starting to ripen. Would love to get permission from the business on the adjacent property to harvest from their roof, that side of the tree is simply loaded. Here’s a photo from the parking lot behind the property:

And a couple angles from the front:


The few fruit i have on Massidda and Fletcher white are coloring up too.


What a beast, any estimation to its age?

It isn’t even close to being the largest here.
There is one much larger. But that one makes small fruit with large seeds.

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I wouldn’t venture a guess more specific than “many decades.” I posted some other photos of it a couple years ago in this thread:

Picked my first CRFG 1 loquat yesterday.
It was small but absolutely delicious. Sweeter than any plums, apricots or even cherries I can grow here. 20 brix.