Growing through ground cover cloth

We tried it, what a pain in prepping and planting. Soil is twice tractor/tilled, smooth and deep. Used 6ft wide “cloth” and burned 2.25" inch holes. Planted plugs with a plug spade.

Next time we will burn a 2" slit with a piece of “cloth” left every so often in the slit rows to hold it together. Either way, it’s tough on the knees and fingers planting them!

Wonder if my ole’ “hand driven” tobacco setter would work to drop in the plugs? IDEAS? All these plants are cut flowers.

i plant my strawberries this way. to keep from bending, i duct taped my trowel and sheetrock knife to 2 old broom handles. cut the x’s then dug with the trowel holding the soil back, drop the plug and allow the soil to fill in . tamped in with my heel. no weeds and you dont have to worry about removing all the runners that root in a open bed. just select a few and cut another x and plant it in between the mother plants. i use the heavy fabric not the cheap flimsy stuff. beds i made 5 yrs ago are still good.

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