Growing trees near building foundations, root damage?

I’ve noticed in a lot of photos posted by GF members that many of you plant fruit trees very near the walls to your homes. For those that do have you ever had problems with root systems doing damage to basement foundations or footings? Or have you ever had sidewalks that heave and buckle?

I know many hardwood trees like maple are notorious for damaging concrete structures and wondered if any fruit trees were known to do so. I have a few fig trees that will never be very large due to pruning and winter dieback. I thought about planting them as I would an ornamental bush. I also have a dwarf mulberry that I’d like to plant near the house. Ive heard mulberries have strong root systems but my Issai mulberry is not supposed to grow any larger yhN 4 feet.

Good point about planting trees near your house. Occasionally insurance representative are sent out to photograph potential issues like this. Damaging your foundation or just creating an insurance issue is not anything you want.

Trees beside the house can also be problems because termites and wood ants are attracted to them. When chemicals are applied as a preventive for termites anything within 20 feet of the house is poisoned. Most houses such as mine have a border of Termidor down to keep termites away from the house.

Fig roots are mostly shallow, but they do mat something fierce, I’d plant them close to your “neighbors” side :sunglasses: