Growing under lights inside 35G trash can

Brought my Valentine pomelo grafted to Seville sour orange in on December 1st 2021

Then placed in a lighted enclosure for 5 week to date.
Lots of new growth will add a lot of foliage and size when the grow finishes and hardens off.


Isn’t it great to see new growth like that. I’d like to see the can and lights.

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ooh, cool. 23 watts isn’t enough to overheat in that small volume?

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Very nice plant that is actively growing! I have a Valentine pomelo in the ground and noticed that while the plant put out some good growth through the warm season, the new branches were quite flexible and sprawling on the ground. I put some stakes in and tied the new branches to these stakes. Now they have hardened off and created a nice set of scaffold limbs. Looks like they don’t like to grow upright on their own.

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Very interesting way to grow plants…!! I’m impressed. So the provision for CO2 is mainly what comes from the growing media? I see a few ventilation holes but not many.

What are temps inside the buckets? That is cool idea. One could line the inside of a trash can (like the big black ones) with some sort of reflective material.

A 13 Watt bulb can raise the 5 gallon bucket by 10F. My room is 70F day 60F night making for night time plant temps of 60F and daytime Temps 80F. The garbage can uses a 23wat CFL bulb that gives the same temperatures as the 5 gallons. The holes in the bottoms of the light bucket are there to warm the soil in garden plant starts sitting on top of them. I will place 4 screw in the bottom of the light buckets and set another light bucket upside down over the seedling cups. Peppers will run at 80F at roots and 90F over foliage. For now they are peep holes to check the trees and spray as necessary. The buckets are painted bright gloss white so that the whole insides shine brightly, not just the bulb. “cheap grow tents”