Growth proportional to heat?

Having a lot of new plants, I’m obviously interested in growth. It seems intuitive that more heat and water means more growth, and vice versa. However I noticed some plants have bizzarre growth spurts. My conditions are far from laboratory, so I’m not sure if it’s due to wildcard factors.
My grapevines, Peachtree’s, blueberries, BlackBerries, watermelon vine, etc. appeared to grow roughly proportional to heat.
On the other hand, my newly planted kiwis had a rush of growth in very early spring, and then nothing until this week when they’ve really exploded. Similarly, my Citrus seem to have irregular growth spurts only during heat.
I’ve also heard people mention there’s energy stored in plants from the previous season that will affect the next year’s crop. Is this true?
Fertilizing my Kiwi and citrus really keeps me guessing.


Man, all the Kiwi plants with the exception of my fruiting gold and new fancy AppleKiwi, are absolutely exploding was growth. Like 1 foot per day. Very weird there’d be a flush, then absolutely nothing for a couple months until now.
One of my new fancy Yuzu trees is at the extreme end. Looks like it’s made of plastic, has not deteriorated but with absolutely no growth of any kind on for about three months since I got it.


Some plants go dorment with too much heat. For example tomatoes grow best 70-90ish. Over 90f they turn off. So yeah even too much heat can be a bad thing.