Grubs on BlackBerry roots

What is this and how do i get rid of it?

Thanks for looking.


Probably a wireworm:
I’ve never heard of them being a problem other than for corn, grains, or potatoes. The article I linked suggests a few others, but I don’t think your blackberries have much to worry about.

They are burrowing through the crowns so i cant let them be.

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As in through the actual stems? From my understanding, then either that’s not a wireworm, or something else is causing the damage and the wireworm is just exploring nice cozy nooks. Or I’m just plain wrong on all counts. Can you get a picture of the whole animal?

Just found one of these yesterday as I was digging up chard and switching them to another spot. Got fed to the chickens
Looked up wireworm and they look similar except that the one I saw looks fatter and shorter (like the picture above) than the pics of wireworms that google is showing