Guess the Namwa banana bunch size

I expect to know by late Spring or Summer.

Thanks! But I’m curious. Do they require a certain hanging time or are new fruit still developing?

It might sound like I don’t know anything about growing bananas. And that would be the case.



At the moment they’re about 1/2 volume and the plant has slowed down considerably for the cooler temperatures at our location this time of year. In the tropics, flower to fruit is about 2 months depending on variety. There is one named “40 days” for its speedy ripening time but it falters in temperatures below 55F. In our location I expect 2-4 months ripening time for varieties that survive here. However, if it buds past July the “winter” can slow the plant significantly and it won’t pick up pace again until April.

So that means it could set more fruit? I see (I guess) that the ultimate number of bananas is impossible to know - I assumed the challenge was to guess the number of fruit at the time the picture was taken. This makes it more interesting indeed!

Thanks for your explanation.

No. But it could lose some fruit due to decay.

OK. Thanks again.

I’m not a big banana eater (three or four a year is enough for me) but it would be fun to grow them.

What I am jealous of is the ability to grow figs, peaches, a few things like that. I might be able to coax a peach along for a few years; as a rule they don’t do well here. But I have enough, and more than, to keep busy as is, so we’ll call it good.

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You’d better be growing true cherries, Dakota cherry-plums, and sugar prunes!

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Update: still green and hanging on the plant through our rain season :slightly_smiling_face:


54 or so roughly are visible. That might be 40% so 54x2= 108 + 10.8 + 10.8 so 108+ 22 = 130 bananas roughly. I need to factor in the fact there could be more on the other side or they are smaller So I’m going with 140.

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Surely not !

It’s. 62 - ( 10 that the Grand kids break off , when no one is looking.)

  • plus 10 fingers , of Janett. , if she is counting on her hands = 62 !

And the official Namwa bunchsize count is … 85 !
This year’s winners: hdynad and @BG1977
Thanks to all that participated and congratulations to the winners :slight_smile: