Happiness is.....grafts taking!


Good for your peach…bark or cleft?

That’s a beautiful sight for sure. Congradulations!!

Can’t believe how early some folks are this yr. Just read about apricots blooming in Reno. That sounds like certain freeze damage.

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It is happiness!! I haven’t been doing it all that long, maybe 50 successful grafts. I’m still amazed every time one takes. This is a Flavor King pluot whip & tongue graft that already has 2" of growth.

Seedling rootstock Steve?

Yes it is. I have an old plum tree in the corner of my yard that produces small sour plums. Every year I dig up a dozen or so little seedlings that grow under it. They’re free and work great.

Ive been doing alot of both bark and cleft grafts. Those are cherries in the the pictures BTW. Royal Lee and Minnie Royal. They come out just about this time every year for us.

Steve…are they the aluminum write on tags? Did you get them from ebay? If so, how do you like them? I’ve got to get something ordered here fast…I’m torn about what to get or whether I should just scribe aluminum can pieces and use stainless wire.
The plastic write-ons don’t even last a season here.

I use aluminum flashing cut into rectangles and drilled, fastened with copper wire for labeling trees.

Yes they are aluminum write on tags. I got them from my local nursery. I really like them, they have a thin layer of cardboard sandwiched between the aluminum. It ,makes it very easy to write on.

Appleseed, I started using this metal tape embosser this year and have been very happy with it. Pretty expensive but I got tired of rewriting plastic labels after they broke off or were no longer readable.

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